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Zhejiang Kingland Pipeline and Technologies Co.,Ltd.
International Trading Department:

Address:Room 703, Block A, Huanqiu Guangchang, No. 18, Taolin Road, Pudong, Shanghai
Post Code:200135


  The company is located in the center of Yangtze River Delta Region C Huzhou, Zhejiang, faces Shanghai on the east and Hangzhou on the south. It is with Shanghai Pudong Airport and Hongqiao Airport, Hangzhou Airport and Nanjing Lukou Airport, high way G25, G50, S12, national highway 104, 318, Anhui-Hangzhou railway, Huzhou-Zhapu Railway, Hangzhou-Nanjing High-speed Railway and Changhushen Golden Channel converged here. Therefore, it has very convenient land and water transportation.

  The company is very close to raw material suppliers such as: Bao Steel, Nanjing Steel, Hangzhou Steel and thus raw materials can be transported into the plant directly both by land and water transportation. Even for material from Tangshan Steel which is much farther can be shipped to our own wharf in the plant by water transportation. For Sales we also have very obvious advantage in logistics because our products can be shipped to the whole Eastern China by land transportation and to Shanghai port for export by water transportation.
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